Why Wood?

Being one of the few natural building material, wood is non-toxic and does not leak chemical vapour into your home. Not only does wood store carbon through its life cycle, it is also renewable and recyclable. The production and processing of wood products uses less energy than most other building materials, resulting to a low embodied energy level and low emissions into the atmosphere. As wood ages, it does so in an earth-friendly manner and does not break down into environmentally damaging materials.

Wood is the best sustainable material nature has to offer.

Wood is good.


Tropideck is an all-in solution to all your wood and timber needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we offer an extensive selection of wood products for your building needs; manufactured or bespoke, construction or furnishing materials, both for indoor and outdoor applications. Tropideck team of experts are ready to help you in designing, installing and maintaining the wood in your home so you may enjoy the best nature has to offer.

Tropideck is proud to source most of its material locally, and adheres to strict harvesting procedures to ensure sustainability of nature greatest gift.

Indoor Flooring

Nothing compares to the character and ambience solid wood flooring brings to your living space.

Inspired by our love of wood, Tropideck has taken solid wood flooring to a whole new level.

Through quality craftsmanship and our pursuit of perfection, we're proud to offer our new range of solid wood floorings - unrivalled in terms of luxury, strength, versatility, stability, and quality.

  • 100% Solid wood flooring
  • Premium 18mm thick solid floor boards
  • Slimmer 15mm boards option where height is restricted
  • Larger-sized boards are available in widths up to 140mm
  • Suitable for a variety of applications; floors, stairs, walls, and ceilings
  • A superb range of natural colours and finishes to match any design style
  • Applicable to various surfaces including concrete, timber, and specially treated floors
  • Precision moulding process to all four sides to ensure seamless finish and installations
  • Ultraviolet finishes on solid wood boards ensure stability, strength, and resistance to cupping
  • 100% SVLK - Indonesian Legal Wood*
*Certified for all locally sourced materials, to ensure sustainability of supply

Outdoor Decking

Nothing come close to the green and sustainable attributes wood has as construction and decorative material.

Fuelled by our passion of a sustainable lifestyle, Tropideck has selected the best and suitable wood species to respond the demand of wood in today's architectural design.

Select from our carefully selected hardwood range for your outdoor use, each with its own distinct characteristics, manufactured through a delicate drying and moulding process to ensure years of beautiful living spaces.

  • 100% Solid hardwood decking
  • Premium solid hardwood planks with thickness of 19mm and width of 90mm
  • Larger-sized planks are available in thickness up to 4mm and widths up to 200mm
  • Larger-sized boards are available in widths up to 140mm
  • Suitable for a variety of applications; outdoor and pool decks, stair steps, fences and grills
  • A superb range of natural colours and finishing options to match any design style
  • Applicable to various surfaces and levelling with wooden underlaying support
  • Precision moulding process to all four sides to ensure seamless finish and installations
  • Temperature controlled drying process to ensure stability as well as resistance to cupping and shrinkage
  • 100% SVLK - Indonesian Legal Wood*
*Certified for all locally sourced materials, to ensure sustainability of supply

Flexibility and versatility of wood is no better demonstrated than by the variety of applications it lends itself to. With design options that are only limited only by imagination, there will always be new ways and applications of wood. Talk to us for customised application of wood and we will be ready to assist you.

Our team of qualified and experienced designers is ready to help you design and plan your preferred wood installations.

Each wood species has its own distinct characteristics that leads to different optimum usage. Wood species such as ironwood is water proof but subject to colour variation, Apitong on the other hand, is prone to soil contact but has the best durability in its class. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the most suitable Tropideck wood according to your unique requirements.

Tropideck has worked with some of Indonesia's leading architects and designers to create inspiring living ambience and unique atmosphere that caters the most demanding clientele. Our Bespoke service will assist in materialising challenging designs into reality.

Our team of qualified trades persons have gathered among them thousands of installation-hours to ensure we possess the necessary experience needed to deliver the best installation service available.

Knowing from experience that a barefoot will detect a millimeter difference in flooring installation, or that any outdoor decking will need at least 2° of slope, our team of installation experts are relentlessly in pursuit of perfection and improvement. Armed with experience, The Tropideck Team possess both technical knowhow and the required hardwares to achieve the perfect installation.

Tropideck has worked on some of the most challenging designs that have ever involved wood through its Bespoke offering. In many occasions, the challenges include combining wood with other materials such as metal and aluminium to ensure structural strength and building stability.

Our team of experienced experts means a full maintenance and repair support are ready at your disposal, giving a peace of mind.

The natural attributes that make wood an interesting material to with, also make wood the most challenging material to work with. Like all that come from nature, wood lives throughout its life; it expands when heated, and contracts when cooled; it has pores that perspires and at the same time possess different absorbing capabilities. Understanding each wood species characteristics is crucial in maximizing its life expectancy. Tropideck Team is ready to assist and you in caring for your wood installations.

Tropideck has a island-wide service network throughout Java and Bali. Our partners in main cities of Java and Bali means there is always a wood expert near you, ready at your service.

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